RiverSpring 606 has been a dedicated US Major online company for the past years now. We have recently met up with the Federal Government law regarding shipment and handling of RiverSpring 606. As a result of building a good business reputation within the United States, Canada and the world, we are found at the top on US Chamber of Commerce as one of the best online company. All package/goods are sealed discreet and subject to confidentiality. All goods are dispatched from our warehouse. Transit times apply to orders placed before 12.00pm Monday to Saturday. All in-stock orders received before 12.00pm will be dispatched the same day. All in-stock orders received after 12.00pm will be dispatched the following day. In-stock orders received on weekends, bank holidays and public holidays will be dispatched the next working day. In-stock Orders placed on Saturday before 12.00pm will not be delivered until after the weekend as weekend deliveries are not available.

RiverSpring 606 Dealers Shop endeavor to dispatch all orders within 5 working days. Should there be a delay you will be notified immediately.* Due to circumstances beyond the control of Drugs Dealers. I.e. some deliveries may take longer than expected due to strikes, incorrect address, US Drugs Room Dealers operational failures etc. Please ensure you pay careful attention to the address box and contact phone number as this will form your address label for shipping. Failed deliveries from RiverSpring 606 Dealers cannot be replaced until the item is returned by RiverSpring 606 dealers through, In the event of a failed delivery, the goods are returned to us promptly by Dealers. Once we have received the goods back we will cancel your order if required. Note all Orders are insured before they arrive at customer destination. In case of any accrued insurance fee, clients will be notified. RiverSpring 606 Shop has been dedicating professional delivery service to the world at large. Our delivery agents respond to our needs at no cost. We have built a good business relationship with many shipping companies like UPS, FedEx, TNT, UPS Routing and other accredited delivery companies like DHL,USPS design to meet our customers’ needs. All packages are sealed discreetly and secured. Note in case of 90% refundable insurance for new clients only they will be notified. The password area on the online form is to create an automatic account with the company. So your password is important to us and case sensitive. Thanks for choosing RiverSpring 606 online shop. We are the best and we have been in business going to  a decade now hitch free. We will never put our clients at risk.